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Simple French Toast Recipe

Simple French Toast Recipe

French Toast Recipe  – A quick and easy breakfast that just looks fancy!

Simple french toast recipe on a plate

Breakfast can be quick and easy, or a huge ordeal. Don’t worry if cooking isn’t your forte because this simple French Toast recipe is quick and easy – anyone can whip up this delicious breakfast.

French toast looks like it was a huge ordeal to make, but it’s really easy! Don’t be intimated! You can make it for your family and friends. Some people like to sprinkle powdered sugar on French Toast. I know I do! My boys prefer to cover their toast in a lake of syrup. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

simple french toast recipe
A quick easy breakfast!

One top of this simple french toast recipe just add some fresh fruit like blackberries, or strawberries to sneak in those servings of fruits and veggies!

simple french toast recipe

Simple French Toast Recipe – Steps by step photo guide

I don’t know about you, but it helps if I can see what things are supposed to look like through the process.

simple French Toast recipe
What should all the steps look like?

Simple French Toast Recipe  – French Toast is not French!

Guess what! French toast is not French. The French actually call this type of breakfast ‘pain perdu’ which means lost bread. The bread is ‘lost’ because stale bread actually works best in this recipe than fresh bread.

Recipes for French toast date as early as the Roman Empire – early 5th century AD.

So, why do we call this recipe French toast instead of Roman toast or Lost Bread? Well, in 1724 the modern version of French toast was created by Joseph French.

So, why isn’t it called French’s toast? Mr. Joseph French was really good at creating wonderful breakfast creations but not so good at grammar. He forgot the apostrophe so his wonderful creation when down in history as French Toast and people everywhere think it was invented in France.

Simple French Toast Recipe – Powdered Sugar

Toppings can really ‘customize’ your french toast. Powdered sugar is a must in my house!

Get a really fine dusting of powdered sugar with this fancy sugar shaker called a dredge!
Simple French Toast Recipe – Syrup Choices

Don’t get locked in to just one flavor of syrup. Maple is a tried and true but syrup comes in so many wonderful flavors. Shake things up a bit and go for something new and different!

Try this pretty syrup dispenser to make it a fancy party!

If you give it a try, I’d love to hear how it worked out! Post your thoughts and photos for us to see!

Simple french toast recipe on a plate