What’s this all about?

We all have Adventures as a Mom. Being a mom is hard, right? It’s also rewarding, fun, tiresome, and never-ending. Moms of all ages and stages are invited to join us as we share our insights, advice, and wisdom about all things mom related. We all need a little support, encouragement, and advice from time to time. And we all need to remember to laugh and enjoy the small moments. So, grab a beverage of your choice and join us. You are never alone in your adventures of being a mom.

Meet the Team


I began planning travel more than 20 years ago. As years went by I found I was traveling so much, I finally gave up my teaching career to focus on my family – and travel. I started http://TheEducationalTourist.com to help others who wanted to travel with their children. One thing led to another, and here I am. I realized how much more I have to share, than just travel information. As a former elementary teacher, with a background in psychology, there are so much more advice to share about being a wife, mom, and life in general. My two cousins, Julie and Laura, decided to join me. Between the three of us, we’ve had some pretty amazing Adventures by MOM!

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When Laura and Natalie, my sister and cousin respectively, asked if I wanted to contribute to a blog I thought sure why not?! It would be a nice outlet, and I like to write; although I’m not nearly as experienced as the other two. So, I agreed and the planning began!

When I looked at Natalie’s suggested lists of posts, my first thought was, “Where’s the sarcasm? Where’re the posts about anxiety and introverting, drinking wine with your girlfriends, venting about your husband’s last episode of idiocy and how although you love your kids more than you ever thought Imaginable, at times you are convinced they’re little beasts?!”  It was then I realized, these ladies need me!

Hi my name is Julie and I am a slacker mom. While I’m all for positivity, I’m also real. I love and appreciate that Laura can plan a Disney vacation of your dreams with everything you need to know 24/7 while you’re there (check her website out at https://pixiedustqueen.com). I am amazed by Natalie’s family travel blog, The Educational Tourist, that can take you and your family around the world all while using that experience to teach academic content to your littles. The reality however, is that my lovely little family could screw up even their best laid plans! And that’s ok.

I probably won’t write as much as I should, and when I do it won’t be anything earth shattering.  But, if it gives you a couple of minutes to read about someone else’s crazy life, and realize you are not alone in that craziness, then I say, “mission accomplished “!  See you on the flip-side fellow slacker moms!


Having two boys and working in an elementary school means I never have a boring day.  Reading blogs, looking at Pinterest and sharing with my sister (Julie) and cousin (Natalie), we decided it would be great fun to blog together. That way, everyone else. . . or whoever is amused, can laugh with us at all the humor we find in daily life. Because we all know there are days when if you don’t choose joy & laughter, you’ll end up crying. I look for the joy. It may take a glass of wine, or martini, to help me find it, but it’s there. Find the joy!

 The adventures never end. And as anyone who is in education, or has children will tell you. . . You can’t make this stuff up.



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