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We love to hear from our readers!

Tell us what is happening in your world! What are the kiddos up to? What crazy thing did they say today?

If any of these things have happened to you, you are in the right place!

*Kiddo refuses to wear pants!

*Poop and penis jokes are an everyday occurrence

*Going into your child’s playroom requires a hazmat suit

*You ruined your kids whole day by giving them milk in the wrong color cup

*Your hairstyle requires a scrunchie

*Getting dressed means putting on a bra under your pjs

*You have an entire list of things you NEVER thought you would say

*You got more sleep in college when you were cramming for exams and partying all night with your friends

*You were stressed less about homework when you were getting the grades

*Your fantasies include a dry toilet seat in the ‘down’ position and a sink empty of dirty dishes

*Your latest google searches include, “How to get ______ out of ________”

Let’s laugh and commiserate together!