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Mom adventure- Please don’t put popcorn in your ear.

Mom adventure- Please don’t put popcorn in your ear.

Mom adventure

We all have our stories to tell, and battle scars to show. Do you have a story that involves an ER visit?

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Mom Adventure – Morgan is the boss.

When Harrison was four the mom adventure involved popcorn and ears.

After I got home from work, Harrison and I went to get the mail.  Our mailbox was at the end of the street. As we walked down the sidewalk, this was our conversation:

Me: So, how was your day?

Harrison: Bad.

Me: Why, what happened?

Harrison: I put popcorn in my ear.

Me: Why?

Harrison: Morgan told me to.

Me: Morgan is not the boss of you. You need to be the boss of yourself.

Harrison: Morgan is the boss. He said so.

Me: Did you tell Ms. B., your teacher?

Harrison: No, she would be mad.

Me: Did you tell Daddy?

Harrison: No, he would be mad.

Me: Is it still there? Does it hurt?

Harrison: It hurts if you touch it.

little boy with paint on his face
What do you mean I wasn’t supposed to paint my face?

Mom Adventure – Don’t panic. I’ve got this! Really, I’ve got this…..right?

My mom brain is trying not to panic with thoughts like:

I’m sure we can get the popcorn out. At least it wasn’t a pea, or bean, because those swell and get stuck! We can be thankful for the little things, right?

Thank goodness he told me. What if he didn’t tell anyone. How long would it have been in there? I’ve heard some horror stories that involve stench when something has been in there way, way too long!

After we made it back to the house, I got a flashlight. Yep. There was a popcorn kernel in his ear. You could see it, but not get to it. I was secretly hoping….I don’t know what but hoping there wasn’t a popcorn kernel in there!

little boy with candy in his nose
Look what I can fit in my nose!

Mom Adventure – Google How to Get Popcorn out of a Ear

Then the thoughts turned to: What could I use to get it out that wouldn’t push it farther in?

He tried standing on one leg and hopping up and down. You know, like when you are trying to get water out of your ears after swimming. No, it didn’t work.

We needed something with suction. The shop vac! I put the shop vac to my ear. It was suctiony, but it didn’t hurt. So I tried that. No luck.

The only thing left to do was call the doctor.

We ended up at the after hours clinic where our favorite pediatrician washed it out with a super size syringe of water.

Who would have thought a giant syringe of water would shoot the kernel right out of his ear? Clearly not me, or we’d have tried that at home before calling the doctor for FREE!

We can only hope he will not put anything else in his ears!

What has YOUR kiddo put in their ear?

You have come to the right spot to tell your mom adventure stories and enjoy ours. Let’s laugh together and share the magic of motherhood!

boy laughing

Mom Adventure – Did I hear that correctly?

Ears aren’t the only small space where you’ll find popcorn kernels and the like. When my daughter was three she was playing with Barbie in the living room. I was enjoying a very rare moment along in the nearby study emailing a friend when I heard them chatting away. How sweet, I thought, until I heard these words, “Daddy, I put a bone in my nose.”

My heart stopped.

My husband didn’t blink and I heard the conversation continue as I flew into the room. Dad didn’t know that the Barbie doll had a dog…and that dog had an itty bitty bone. I really suspected that itty bitty bone was now inside our daughter’s nose!

Mom Adventure – Yes, I heard that correctly.

Of course it was late evening. Of course it was the weekend. AND after taking a peek into cutie’s nose with a flashlight….of course that itty bitty bone was inside her nose.

Great. Now what?

Mom Adventure – Google and a call to the Dr.

Ok, I warn you now. Do NOT google ‘something stuck in the nose’ unless you have a REALLY strong stomach. I nearly threw up after doing that myself. GROSS! You think your kid stuck something weird in their nose. OH, you just have no idea what all google has photographs of.

Since googling ‘Help! My kids stuck something in their nose.” didn’t give me anything but a nauseous stomach. I called the pediatrician. Of course it was after hours ($$) but crazy they were open for some unknown reason and we raced to see them.

Mom Adventure – The Professional’s Opinion

So, after rushing to the pediatrician’s office, all the way there, thinking how lucky we are the office is still open we arrived. We laid out the preschooler on the table and started peering in her nose. I was so relived to get this professional opinion….drumroll, please.

“She has a toy bone stuck in her nose.”

Um, ya’ think? And….there wasn’t anything the pediatrician could do. Next stop – the ER.

Mom Adventure – The 2nd Professional’s Opinion

So now we are at the ER and it is getting late. It must have been a full moon, too, because even though it was an ER in the suburbs on Denver, there were some really….interesting…..things going on in the ER. Ew.

Once we were back in a room to see the dr where my daughter happily eats the popsicle they gave her and watches the Disney channel on the TV, I get the 2nd professional’s opinion,

“There is a toy bone stuck in her nose.”

OMG – ya’ think? And….nothing to be done here. Next stop = pediatric ENT.

boy wearing silly glasses
Who is that mystery boy?

Mom Adventure – The 3rd Professional’s Opinion

So now it is Monday morning and we are in the ENT’s office. The whole crew is with us – Dad and baby brother.

We get back in to the room to see the ENT and anxiously await the dr. The dr arrives, peers into the 3 year old’s nose, with a VERY long hose with a light on the end, and that is just as much fun for all as it sounds, and we get the 3rd professional’s opinion,

“There isn’t a toy bone stuck in her nose.”

What? Did you say...isn’t?? Yes…the bone is now gone.

Before we could breathe a sigh of relief we are told this might not be good news. What happened to that bone? If it came out the nose that would be good but if it got sucked back into the lungs that would be bad.

So…off for x-rays we went.

Mom Adventure – The 4th Professional’s Opinion

At this point, the little toy boy that belonged to Barbie’s dog is now costing an absolute fortune! To think of the trouble I went to keeping Barbie’s toys away from the baby when in the end it was the 3 yr old who stuck on in her nose! Who knew?

Oh, the joys of an x-ray for a 3 year old who does not like to be still and stuck on a cold table where mom can not go. We quietly and, as patiently as possible, waited for the 4 professional’s opinion,

“No bone in there.”

Ok, so now we breath a sigh of relieve. What happened to the bone is still a mystery. Thankfully, this is my ONLY story of something that got stuck in the kiddo!

What has your kid done? We’d love to hear all about it. Drop your story in the comments.

Funny words of wisdom, you know you're a mom when

One Avocado Guacamole Recipe

One Avocado Guacamole Recipe

One Avocado Guacamole Recipe

guacamole recipe with avocado

One of the side dishes my family enjoys with tacos, fajitas, and tamales is guacamole. Here’s what you need:

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • One lime

Optional ingredients include:

  • diced jalapeno
  • diced tomato
  • diced onion
  • chopped cilantro**** (See note on Cilantro below)

To make the guacamole, slice the avocado and remove the seed (see video). Remove the “meat” and place in a bowl. Smash with a fork. Add seasoning to taste.

Feeding a bigger crowd? This recipe doubles and triples really easily! Just add more avocados!

***To cilantro or not to cilantro** That is the question!

Ok, maybe that isn’t the actual question but people feel strongly about cilantro. I just love it. It smells fresh and it is pretty. I keep it in a small crystal vase on the kitchen cabinet when I have extra!

Other people think cilantro tastes like soap. I am not making that up. Soap. Since I love cilantro enough to grow it (super easy in a pot on the porch in the cool spring weather!) it is hard for me to imagine.

Love cilantro? Toss it in! Hate cilantro? Leave it out!

Team Cilantro vs Team Soap – Leave your vote in the comments below!

CLICK HERE to watch the video on cutting open preparing avocado for guacamole making!

Check out this cool tool (Hey, that rhymes!) for man handling your avocado! Teach it who is boss!

Feel good about eating avocado in guacamole

*Great source of vitamins!

*Source of important fatty acids like brain boosting omega – 3

*contains more potassium than a banana

*contains the BEST type of fat – oleic acid

*full of fiber

*Can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL)

If you aren’t sure which seasonings you want to add to your one avocado guacamole or are in a big hurry (And who isn’t in a big hurry these days??) then you’ll want to try out this seasoning. Just add avocado!

How to choose the perfect avocado for your guacamole dish

Check the color. The darker the color the more ripe the fruit. This is especially true of the smooth skinned ‘Haas’ avocado.


Take a look at the stem. Sometimes there is a small piece of stem leftover on the fruit. If it has fallen off or falls off if you gently brush it the fruit is starting to ripen. If the small stem piece is stuck fast then the avocado isn’t ripe yet.

Use the pressure test. Gently squeeze the avocado and choose based on the following criteria.

*Hard as a rock. – Plan on using this avocado in about 4-5 days.

*Gives a little – This one is perfect to use tonight!

*Smooshy – WAY over ripe for guacamole. Can be used in smoothies if you are a) a health nut or b) have no taste buds. I tried a recipe once that called for a very ripe avocado to make ice-cream. It was terrible!!

Grow your own guacamole tree!

It is really easy to root an avocado tree and so fun to watch! Just add water and wait. In truth, these trees take years to fruit so you’ll be waiting a long, long time to harvest your own avocado but the kids love watching something grow.

avocado seedling

This fun kit makes it super easy!

Save the avocado leftovers!

It is hard for me to imagine having any avocado left over, but I suppose it happens. We always scarf ours down so fast! But, if you have leftover avocado they will turn an ugly brown if not stored properly. This cute avocado holder will keep your avocados in tip top shape till you are ready to eat.

What is your go to meal on a busy night? We want to hear from you! Give us YOUR hints in the comment section below.

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Save Money in 2018

Save Money in 2018

Is saving money is on your list of things to do in 2018?

If so, you aren’t alone. To save money makes the Top 10 list of New Year’s Resolutions every single year.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Be Fit and Healthy
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Enjoy Life
  4. Spend less, save more
  5. Get organized
  6. Travel more
  7. Read more
  8. Quit smoking
  9. Learn something new
  10. Volunteer

The first order of business when it comes to saving money is to examine your spending habits. Once you figure out exactly where your money is going, then you can make adjustments to save more of your hard earned cash.

So, first take one month to write down everything you spend. Every day just jot down on a calendar what you spent or any money you received. At the end of the month add up the amount you spent. You might see a pattern and a place where you can save money.

Save Money – Cook

I just HATE to cook. Honestly the cooking gene  in my family just skipped right over me.

When it comes to cooking all I can think:

  1. SO much time to plan
  2. SO much time to shop
  3. SO much time to cook
  4. EXACTLY 37 seconds to eat

It just seems like cooking is not an effective use of time! LOL!

But when I learned that the average American family spends over $3,000 a year on eating out I decided to take a closer  look at my habits.

“Eating out everyday at lunch? By spending $10 per lunch you’ll spend a whopping $2500 a year. Suddenly peanut butter sandwiches don’t sound that bad!”

CLICK HERE for some cheap, healthy and delicious recipes!

Save Money – Don’t Throw Food Away

Ok, shame on all of us for food waste. It really is a huge issue and Americans actually waste more food than any other country in the world. As much has 50% of all produce in the US is thrown away – $160 BILLION of food every single year. That equals about $1600 per family WASTED.


Let’s step away from that horrible statistic and move closer to eating that food and keep it out of the landfills AND keep that money in our wallets.

Save Money – How Not to Waste Food

  1. Plan Ahead – I won’t lie. I hate this part. I hate knowing that Thursday I have to cook chili. What if I don’t feel like cooking chili on Thursday? OK. I know that is super duper selfish of me. I’ll make myself grow up if you will!

So, plan the week’s menu. It helps me if I just think it terms of the week and then choose the day I end up cooking the chili.

Then, prepare: Count how many bananas you’ll need for school lunches. Go ahead and slice up the radishes for the dinner salad instead of waiting for them to rot in the refrigerator. (Don’t judge! Doesn’t everyone have something furry in the fridge?)

COMING SOON – help with menu planning

2. Stick to the plan! 

If you bought enough bananas to put one in everyone ‘s lunch every day, then stick to the plan and put a banana in everyone’s lunch every day. Otherwise the bananas will rot and then be put into the black hole of the freezer purgatory where they’ll wait to become ……banana bread.

Banana bread, which you and I both know, you haven’t baked since 1992 back when your metabolism worked properly.

So, the slimy, but now frozen, bananas will take up freezer space for about 12 months till you toss them out to make room for newer, fresher, slimy rotten bananas for the banana bread you won’t be baking this year either.

So, let’s just skip all that nonsense and just give everyone a banana for lunch.

Save Money – Watch your Drinks.

I hate the ‘non’ water, don’t you? My kids hate the non-taste of water, don’t yours?

All the things you drink instead of plain, boring water is costing a fortune. Don’t believe me? Go back to month one where you wrote down all your spending to see how much of your hard earned money is going to drinks. I think you’ll be as surprised as I was!

Step 1 Coffee and Tea on the go.

Yes, we are talking about your Starbucks habit. I’m not saying that your morning ‘half-calf, tall, vegan latte with 2 pumps of caramel, 3 sprinkles of cinnamon and 1 ice cube” is not worth the money. Just be aware of how much money you are spending on it and make sure it is worth it!

Options to Save Money on your Tea/Coffee/Water habit:

Step 1 –  BYOC – Bring Your own Cup – Sometimes places will give you a discount on coffee and tea if you bring your own cup. Einstein Bagel’s is one business that will!

Make your coffee and tea at home.  Learn how to make your fancy schmancy coffee recipe at home and take it with you.

Cut back. Consider coffee purchased at a place like Starbucks as a treat and not an everyday thing.

Step 2 – Buy a refillable water bottle.

Refillable water bottles are everywhere. Buy your own to refill FREE from water fountains everywhere.

Step 3 – BYOF – Bring Your Own Flavor

Small packets of flavoring are cheap, lightweight and easy to carry around. These make super cheap drinks for the whole family. You can save a ton on drinks this way when you travel.

When we were in Turkey and only drinking bottled water, flavor packets I brought from home really made the kids happy!

CLICK HERE – Save Money on your Disney Trip

Save Money – Look for Special Deals

When you do spend money to eat out, make it go as far as possible.

Step 1 – Watch the time.

Some menus have early bird specials. Lunch is usually less expensive than dinner, too.

Step 2 – Coupons

Watch your mailbox. You can get coupons through your snail mailbox and your email inbox. New restaurants often drum up business with coupons. See if your favorite restaurant has a loyalty program by checking out their Facebook page.

Groupon has some amazing deals, too!

Step 3 – Cash or Charge?

Carefully choose your payment method. Sometimes you get a discount with cash. Certain credit cards give points for purchases, too.

Save Money – Try a Plan

Watching your savings add up is fun because you can see yourself getting close and closer to your goal. Here are some great ways to watch those savings really add up!

Plan 1 – Save $1 a day. Each day add $1 to the amount.

Day 1 – $1

Day 2 – $2

Day 3 – $3

It gets harder at the end of the month when you are saving $30 a day.

Coming Soon –  the Save $1 a day worksheet.

OR Save $1 a day – every day. You will be shocked at how this adds up!

CLICK HERE  for the math if you save $1 every day.

Plan 2 – Save coins.

We have been saving coins for years and it really really adds up. We have two containers – one for pennies and one for everything else. Counting and helping with the rolling are great jobs for kiddos! Remember the phrase:

“See a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck!”

Plan 3 – Pay yourself.

This is my favorite way to add money to my travel fund.

I do things myself instead of paying someone else to do it! You can learn to do anything by watching youtube videos and you can start there. If I manage to do something myself, I put the amount of money I would have paid someone else into the travel fund.

Sone things I’ve paid myself to do:

  1. repaired a trash compactor (Thank you Youtube!)
  2. painted a wrought iron fence (I learned not to wear sandals for this type of project. My feet were striped from the overspray floating down onto my feet.)
  3. Dog grooming – I bathe the little one because she is small and manageable at only 8.5 pounds. The bigger, fluffier one isn’t worth the mess after a bath. I trim their nails myself and pay my $5 each time.

Think about your strengths. What can you do and then pay yourself?

  1. Wash the car?
  2. Change oil?
  3. Clean the house?
  4. Mow the lawn?

save money this year


Take control of YOUR finances to save for YOUR dreams!


**college tuition


We’d love to hear what you do to keep control of your savings. Give us your tips in the comments.




Being a mom is a fabulous adventure! Who knew!?!

Being a mom is a fabulous adventure! Who knew!?!

We all have Adventures as a Mom.

Being a mom is hard, right? Well, in case you are wondering if what you are going through is within a range of normal. . . From pregnancy, in all of its stages and glory to childbirth, from newborns to high school graduations there are so many things nobody tells you about. You  may research and ask a million questions, but until you are in the thick of it, there are things you didn’t know  you even needed to ask about. Being a mom IS hard, but it’s also the most rewarding, fun, tiresome, and never-ending job you will have. It’s a privilege some women work hard, and endure so much to have. No matter where you are as a mom, we are here with you.

Moms of all ages and stages are invited to join us as we share our insights, advice, and wisdom about all things mom related. We all need a little support, encouragement, and advice from time to time. And we all need to remember to laugh and enjoy the small moments. So, grab a beverage of your choice and join us. Three moms, with different parenting styles and backgrounds,  have joined forces to share their mom wisdom.  From how to keep your family from starving, decorating your home for any occasion, making sure your child has a great education, relaxing and enjoying some down time, to staying sane while keeping it real – You are never alone in your adventures of being a mom.

Adventures by Mom
Who is that mystery boy?